Dave Cohen -
Alleycat Software

Web Development

This is the mobile version of the animal rescue organizations web site described above. As before, it is organized around the presentation of dogs and cats available for adoption. The site has been optimized for mobile access, with a simpler home page showing feature animals and upcoming events. When viewing the animals available, potential adopters can page through the list. If they are interested in one, clicking on the animal in the listing will bring up detailed information and additional larger pictures. Then, if desired, they can pull up the adoption application for the selected animal and enter their data, then submit it to CARE for consideration. If they submit multiple applications, the entered data is saved and initialized for each subsequent one. Applications are emailed to the appropriate foster home, as well as a backup person, and they are also stored in archives on the site for later reference and statistical purposes. The site also has FAQs, Happy Ending stories, memorial dedications, events, and a categorized library of helpful animal websites and articles. Visitors can donate using a simple form that interact with Paypal. In the mobile version, the pulldown menu system has been replaced with a series of slide out menus. The mobile site does not include administrative facilities.
Home Page Info
  • Feature CARE and shelter dogs and cats.
  • Slide out menus for easy navigation.
  • Upcoming events.
  • Highlighted important information from sidebar.
  • List of upcoming events.
  • Happy Ending stories, with pictures.
  • Donation dedications including pictures and user-selected backdrops.
  • Categorized questions and answers.
  • Categorized library of animal-related sites and articles.
  • Donation form using Paypal.
  • Detailed list of adoption locations.
Adoptable Animals
  • List of adoptable dogs and cats.
  • Users can display details of animals in listings, including more and larger images.
  • Online adoption application form.
  • Animals from CARE fosters, the Chatham County shelter, and even 'Rescue Referrals'.
Mobile Friendly
  • Large, clear text.
  • Large buttons, radio buttons, entry fields on forms.
  • Slide out multi-level menu at top.
  • Most of the features of the full site, presented in mobile-friendly format.
  • Automatic image resizing based on viewpot size.
  • Automatic detection of device.
Technical Details
  • PHP/mySQL used on the server.
  • jQuery for browser-independent user interaction.
  • The mobile version is a SPA - or Single Page Application - that uses AJAX to retrieve data, forms, and pages.
  • The mobile front end was 'bolted' onto existing code, so very little new code was written underneath.
  • An optimized stylesheet formats data for mobile users.
  • Most existing pages are still uses, but preprocessed so links are handled by page retrieval rather than redirection to a new page.
  • Internally, most major operations have their own 'panel', reducing network traffic significantly. For instance, the CARE dog listing is retrieved once, and 'hidden' when the user executes another operation. Returning to the CARE dog listing involves simply 'unhiding' its panel.
  • Most of the full site's friendly, easy to use interface was maintained.
  • Hand-coded pages for performance and maintenance.
  • No non-standard technologies, such as Flash.